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Your Staff Needs Support: Let Us Help

Keeping a full staff right now is difficult for restaurants all around the U.S., making it more important than ever to support the staff you do have. Providing your staff with technology is the easiest way to pick up the slack. Whether it be devices on the table or line busting server tablets, Ziosk offers solutions that will help your guests provide a level of service on par with having a fully staffed restaurant.

Ziosk Original and Ziosk Mini on the table allow your guests to browse, order and pay on their own time directly at the table giving your servers time back to provide service to the rest of their tables. This is the first step in providing the quality of service you lost due to being short staffed.

Technology can also help your QSR or drive-thru business, by giving your staff a tablet, such as Ziosk Pro, they can take orders from anywhere in line, limiting bottle necking at the counter or window.

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