The Benefits of the Ziosk Platform impact multiple areas of your business.


Contactless Payment
Increase Sales
Guest Frequency
Guest Insights
Labor Savings
Contactless Payment
Increase Sales
Guest Frequency
Guest Insights
Labor Savings

Enable Safe Secure Pay on Demand While Eliminating Fraud Liability

With NFC, EMV and P2PE, Ziosk can provide a safe payment experience for your restaurants and your guests. Secure with no cardholder data passing through your systems, eliminating chargeback liability for your restaurant. Safe from a cleanliness standpoint to give your guests the sense of control they want in their dining experience.

“We have seen pay-on-demand on the Ziosk Tablets rise from 71% pre-COVID to 92% as we reopened our Olive Garden dining rooms”

-Dave George, COO Darden Restaurants

Boost throughout & influence guest behavior

You can increase throughput and sales by turning more tables at peak hours - even more important if you aren’t operating at 100% capacity.

The tablets, obviously are helping… we are closing out checks 7 minutes quicker than we have in the past.

– Gene Lee, President and CEO | Darden Restaurants

Utilize eClub, Loyalty & e-Receipt marketing to encourage more visits

Use your emailed receipts to market to your guests and encourage more frequent return visits. And with guests seamlessly enrolling in eClub and loyalty programs on the Ziosk, you can grow your database up to 15 times faster enabling you to continue your conversation with loyal guests outside the four walls of the restaurant.

Our commitment to leverage advanced technology like this has created a fundamental shift in how we do business. We’re increasing our ability to use big data to make faster and better decisions.

– Wyman Roberts, CEO | Brinker

Continuous feedback to improve restaurant performance

Through the post-dining survey with 32%+ opt-in rate, you’ll have more data than ever before to quantify the performance of your restaurant. Augmented by artificial intelligence and machine learning, dashboards are updated in real time and detailed reports are delivered daily, arming you with the information to better run your business.

We are most excited about how it helps our servers engage with the guests, eliminating non-value added trips across the dining room in favor of more time table-side, connecting with that guest.

– Denny Marie Post, CEO | Red Robin

Improved utilization of your best servers

With minimum wages on the rise across the U.S. no doubt labor efficiency is top of mind. The time and steps of service saved with payment and ordering through any of our products enable an increase in table station size, a reduction in scheduled labor and an improvement in guest satisfaction. You can see a 20% + increase in productivity and your best servers can see a 20% + bump in income.

Cerca Trova restaurants expect to recognize $3.7 million in labor savings annually while improving guest satisfaction, server tips and retention.

– Cerca Trova, the largest Outback franchisee

Ziosk offers a best-in-class solution to meet the needs of restaurants.


Guest Insights And Performance Reporting
Eclub / Loyalty Enrollment
Restaurant Promotions
Notification Platform
Ziosk Tether
Payment Processing Services
On Demand Ordering
Guest Wifi

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