Why Ziosk

Ziosk’s primary goal is to make your restaurant as efficient as possible. Our products offer POS integration to optimize front-of-house steps of service, recognize actionable data to improve operations, and today’s most pressing issue— maximizing the labor you have.
Ziosk Pro_Increase Efficiency

Increase Efficiency

We bring it all together

In the fast-paced world of restaurant operations, fragmented steps can hinder efficiency and slow down your business. By directly integrating with your existing Point of Sale (POS) system, Ziosk streamlines your workflow while eliminating third-party gateway fees and reducing POS terminal spend.

Optimize Labor

More Tables + FEWER Steps = A service Multiplier

Labor costs are one of the main challenges for restaurants. But what if your servers could effectively manage 50% more tables, improve table turns by at least 5-minutes, and still provide exceptional service to your guests? That's where Order and Pay On-Demand comes in. This feature allows guests to effortlessly settle their bill or add items to their order right from their table, unleashing more productivity, operational efficiency, and guest satisfaction.
Ziosk Grow Revenue_Contactless payment

Grow Revenue

Unleash The Power of Visual Upselling

Let Ziosk be your ultimate revenue booster with on-screen promotions, engaging content, and fun games that not only entertain guests but also drive incremental dollars. Adding drinks, desserts, and appetizers becomes as easy as a touch, saving valuable server time and increasing ticket value.

Ignite Loyalty

Don't Build Lists, Build Relationships with E-Club and Loyalty Programs.

Want to drive 1 more visit per month? Accelerate the growth of your database and enhance guest loyalty with seamless opt-in at checkout. Build deeper long-lasting guest relationships that keep them coming back to the table for more meals and meaningful moments at your restaurant!

Improve Guest

To Know Your Guests is to Serve Them Better.

Instantly gather high-quality feedback from every guest, every time, with customizable surveys, revealing insights that enhance your restaurant's performance and improve guest satisfaction.

Know Your
Business Better

Advanced Analytics

Uncover the driving forces behind your business, unlocking powerful insights that propel performance growth. Our advanced analytics help you set guest-centric KPIs to enhance every visit, optimize menu offerings, increase sales, and gain a comprehensive understanding of traffic patterns and guest frequency.
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