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The Evolution & Trends Of Technology In Restaurants

The restaurant industry is one of the slowest to adopt change. Regardless, technology in restaurants was becoming more prevalent, and then Covid struck. Now the

How To Create A Culture Of Inclusion In The Workplace

In the past 18 months, we’ve seen a combination of social unrest, inclusion movements, and labor force non-participation that has been unprecedented in the last

Tips On How To Improve Customer Experience In Restaurants

Following mass shutdowns that forced reliance on carryout and delivery services, people want to return to the traditional dine-in experience. While dine-in may look a

Staff Retention: Investing To Survive The Labor Shortage

As restaurants emerge post-pandemic, most restaurants have felt the squeeze of the nationwide labor shortage. Some restaurants have limited their capacity, some have to offer

How To Improve Restaurant Operations And Maximize Efficiency

Has surging traffic and a lack of staff made running your quick service restaurant more and more difficult? If you are thinking about how to

Restaurant Loyalty Programs: Rewarding Your Loyal Customers

Your restaurant loyalty program is your direct line to your guests. It incentivizes return patrons, as well as gives you the data to market directly

The New Normal – How Do Ghost Kitchens Work?

Ghost Kitchens Ghost kitchens existed before the pandemic, but really came into their own as options for survival during dining room closures. How do ghost kitchens

Credit Card Data Breach – What It Costs Your Restaurant

True Cost of a Credit Card Data Breach for Restaurants Keeping you restaurant’s payment data safe should be at the top of your list of

How Ziosk Can Help With The Restaurant Labor Shortage

Restaurants and Labor Scarcity Between February and November of 2020, the U.S. saw a drop of 4.1 million people in the workforce. Half of those

Industry Trends: Mobile Menu Experiences Are Here To Stay

One guest behavior that quickly emerged during the pandemic was the ability for restaurant guests to browse, order, and pay directly from the comfort of

Improve Restaurant Efficiency With An All-In-One Device

With restaurant labor as scarce as it is currently, it is more important than ever to improve restaurant efficiency. Finding ways to trim the fat

Repeat Customers – Loyalty At The Table – Ziosk

Getting customers to come into your restaurant is already a win, giving those guests an experience that makes them want to come back for more

A Proven Solution: Employee Retention Plan With Ziosk

As we enter into life after Covid, restaurants across the country are having trouble finding enough employees to operate with a full staff. This is

Beverage Revenue – Restaurant Revenue Streams

Anyone who has worked in a restaurant knows that not every soft drink makes it onto the check. While one drink doesn’t make up much of

Why Pay At The Table Tablet Is The Holy Grail?

“Pay at the Table” – you hear it from so many sources as a benefit of a restaurant technology. With a table tablet, customers can easily

Customer Experience Software – Collect Live Customer Feedback

High quality feedback is tough to come by in the restaurant industry, making it important to offer your guests a quick and easy way to

The Race to Hire Staff is Heating Up – Employee Retention Ideas

Since the beginning of the pandemic, restaurants have found it harder and harder to keep good workers on staff. With the current re-opening of restaurants

nonPareil Institute & Ziosk Partnered For Autism Awareness Initiative

The nonPareil Institute is a post-secondary, nonprofit, innovative program that focuses on technical and digital arts education while building community and opportunities for adults with

Customer Retention Strategy To Achieve More Revenue – Ziosk

The simplest way for a restaurant to achieve more revenue is through a customer retention strategy that focuses on fostering loyalty and encouraging guests to

Customer Experience Technology: Is There A “Swiss Army Knife?”

If you haven’t already turned to customer experience technology to help you through the pandemic, you know that in the very near future, that investment

COVID-19 Restaurant Grants: What Does It Mean? – Ziosk

Now that the $1.9 Trillion COVID relief bill has been signed into law by President Biden, let’s examine how these COVID-19 restaurant grants will impact

Hurting Or Helping? – Restaurant QR Code

2020 ushered in QR codes back into our lives in a big way no one really saw coming. While they have aided in keeping people safe

Use Ziosk To Increase Restaurant Revenue During COVID-19

While we are still feeling the impacts of COVID on the restaurant industry, there are still ways to increase restaurant revenue with the help of

An Unknown Black Box: Payment Processing Fees

Payment processing fees – a black box of fees and rates that most people don’t really understand, right? But did you know that as a restaurant

Embracing Restaurant Technology To Adapt To COVID-19

Between restaurants being closed to diners, guests’ fears of touching communal menus, and rises in certain restaurant verticals popularity, restaurant technology has shown to be

Restaurant Revitalization Fund Replenishment Act Of 2021

A new Presidential administration brings change across the country, including restaurants. We’ve outlined 4 areas of potential impact facing the restaurants industry in the coming

Yard House: A Proven Restaurant Analytics Platform

When making a technology decision for your restaurant concept, you are looking for are results that deliver ROI while improving the guest experience. One way

Technology Trends 2021 On The Horizon – Ziosk

2020 was a rollercoaster for the restaurant industry, but there are some technology trends in 2021 we can look at to get some insights into

Restaurant Tech Supports Your Staff: Let Us Help – Ziosk

Keeping a full staff right now is difficult for restaurants all around the U.S., making it more important than ever to support the staff you
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