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The first-ever spatial location platform designed to enhance the performance of hospitality technology. With unparalleled precision, it identifies locations within an 18-inch radius, both inside and outside of a venue, and seamlessly translates real-time guest location data into actionable triggers.

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Check, please!
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Smooth Operator.

With Ziosk DigiSite, you can effortlessly serve more guests across your venue with less manual input. Simply place the Ziosk Tablets on the tables and the experiences automatically synchronize to meet guests where they are- table, patio or bar.

Ziosk_Drop & Pay_Digital Check Presenter_POS integration

Drop & Pay™


Combine the Ziosk Pro Server Tablet with DigiSite to elevate the traditional checkout process and make it completely fluid.


With Drop & Pay™, servers simply place the digital check presenter on the table allowing guests to pay in seconds, while also driving surveys, loyalty and server productivity.

Modernize Checkouts
with an elevated experience branded for your restaurant
Gain Guest Insights
through industry-leading survey response rates of 30%+
Inspire Loyalty
with frictionless enrollment driving increased sign-ups, points accrual and redemption
Unleash Productivity
with more tables per server and higher average tips
Reduce Wait Times
turn tables faster and increase sales per hour
Turn tables 5 minutes faster
Secure EMV, NFC and Mobile Payments
Every 1 in 3 guests respond
Seamlessly integrated in the checkout flow
20% avg. loyalty engagement
Ziosk Drop & Pay_digital check presenter_POS Integration
Ziosk Mini Smart Table_POS integration

Smart Table

Combine DigiSite with Ziosk Mini. Dynamic table mapping enables you to seamlessly switch experiences from table to bar to patio without any manual input. Just like magic.

Ziosk Mini Smart Table_Order at the table
based on location and time of day
Precision Location
recognizes table and guest positioning
Frictionless Check Splitting
no server required
Instant Payment Confirmation
with no additional transaction processing fees
direct Integration
with existing point of sale, processors, and loyalty systems
No server input needed to pay or split checks
Optimize menus based on dining location
Recognizes table and guest positioning
Auto-sync table numbers with seamless table transfers
coming soon

Mobile API

Combine DigiSite with your mobile app to boost efficiency and maximize your investment.

Integration for Any Operation
The platform’s modular design and API library can be tailored to fit any platform and customized for every business need—in-house, curbside or drive-thru.
A Priority on Efficiency
DigiSite not only tracks your customers ETA, it prioritizes orders based on cook time and the guest's proximity.
Guest Insights at a Glance
Optimize operations with detailed guest behavior data such as wait times, table turnover rates, and guest preferences.
Everyone can be a VIP
Capture guest preferences to curate personalized experiences every time they return.

Spatial Location Technology

Ziosk DigiSite360
Identify guests by name, reservation details, and exact location
Prioritize COOK TIMES based on guest proximity
know precise arrival time and specific CURBSIDE location of your guest
Optimize wait times and dwell time analytics
maximize the value of your mobile app
Manage resources more efficiently
Extend the lifetime value of guests
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