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Ziosk Founder_Jack Baum
Jack Baum is a serial restaurateur who knows too well the value of guest satisfaction and its role in a business’ success. After opening and operating various restaurants across the nation, Jack came to understand the inefficiencies of traditional dining settings; chief among them - making guests wait for the check at the end of a meal.

Driven by his passion for hospitality, he put people at the heart of creating a holistic solution that prioritized eliminating guests’ pain points and honoring their time. In 2010, Jack pioneered his vision of a dynamic tabletop technology with on-demand order and pay functionality.

What started out as a concept to simplify paying the bill at the end of a meal has since evolved into a connected SaaS platform that streamlines the entire dining experience.
Driven by his passion for hospitality, Jack Baum put people at the heart of Ziosk.



Where it all began.

The quest to provide the restaurant industry and its guests with the ultimate service and satisfaction began in a Dallas, Texas college classroom. It started with a common problem experienced by diners. In fact, it started as a challenge. A restaurant entrepreneur and adjunct professor at Southern Methodist University, Jack Baum, asked his students, “How do you solve the problem of paying your check when you can’t find your server?”

Out of this common problem, a spark was ignited when Jack and three MBA students came up with a convenient, clever, tasteful tech solution that would be the genesis of a new industry.

Since then, Ziosk has continued to address that initial challenge and has developed into an intuitive platform that resolves the various hurdles that affect hospitality operators and their guests. From streamlining ordering, optimizing pay-on-demand, providing real-time feedback and tools for improving server performance, to delivering increased revenues and brand loyalty at scale, Jack and the Ziosk team have stayed true to our desire to bring value to the industry by changing the way people experience the world through simple innovation, every day.

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Jack Baum
Founder & Executive
Rhonda Levene
Chief Executive Officer
Raymond Howard
Co-Founder &
Chief Corporate Development Officer
Sandro Natale
Chief Innovation & Product Officer
Terry Bucher
Chief Customer Officer
Richard Jensrud
Chief Financial Officer
Eric Neilson
Chief Technology Officer
Colby Smith
Vice President of Operations
Vice President of Marketing
Shawn Gentry
Co-Founder & Vice President of Business Development
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