Here to serve both you and your guests, meet Ziosk Hospitality.

A more Connected In-room Experience

Oftentimes, guests want to simply dine in room and relax for the night. With Ziosk, in-room dining is just a click away.

Ziosk makes it easy for guests to order a meal from the hotel restaurant and enjoy the convenience of food delivered directly to the room instead of online services where food is delivered to the hotel lobby. In addition, the screen enables upselling of hotel services and improves loyalty engagement. Revenue can be earned via advertising and promotional content placements on the Ziosk screen.
Ziosk Hospitality

A More Revitalizing Poolside/Spa Experience

While soaking up the sun at the property’s beach or pool, or being pampered at the spa, Ziosk provides guests a more convenient ordering option, and uninterrupted fun, restoration, and relaxation. Guests can enjoy the pool or spa areas as servers take their orders and immediately relay them to the bar or kitchen before moving onto the next guests. Runners can bring the order to the guests when ready. This means shorter wait times and the team is able to serve more guests. The hotel will benefit from incremental revenue and improved guest satisfaction.

A More Catered Restaurant Experience

With Ziosk, your wait staff can serve guests more efficiently by covering more tables with less servers. This leads to a faster turn time on tables, saving an average of seven minutes per table. And server tips are increased by an average of 30%. All this happens without compromising an incredible, world-class guest dining experience.

For your restaurant guests, they enjoy the convenience of being able to better control their dining experience by ordering from the table when they are ready, and paying from the table when they need to depart. This gives staff the added support they need to provide personal and quality dining experiences to guests.
Ziosk Mini_Hospitality

Maximize Labor

Accelerate table turnover by 5 minutes, enabling you to reach more customers promptly and efficiently.

Streamline operations, prioritize exceptional service.

Increase Revenue

Unlock passive income potential by combining premium content entertainment with strategic upselling at the point of purchase.

Direct integration to your payment gateways eliminates processing fees and chargebacks.

Grow Loyalty & Frequency

100% of guests who pay with Ziosk have the option to opt-in to loyalty.

With seamless opt-in at checkout, you will be able to collect 10x more emails and addresses.

Drive 1 more visit per month.

Improve Guest Satisfaction

Customizable post-dining surveys with 82% completion rate (industry avg is 33%)

Guests can checkout in seconds securely at the table without their card ever leaving the their hands.

One Platform.
Multiple Experiences.

Line busting during peak times
Tabletop Ordering
Counter Pick-up
Pool/Spa Service
Tabletop Ordering
Screens in every room
Line busting during peak times
Tabletop Ordering

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