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April 15, 2021
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High quality feedback is tough to come by in the restaurant industry, making it important to offer your guests a quick and easy way to let you know how you’re doing. One way to do this is by implementing customer experience software, which allows guests to provide feedback and ratings in real time.

With traditional surveys, restaurants can typically only expect 1-2 survey responses per location, per month. On top of it not being statistically significant, much of this feedback also has a tendency to be inaccurate for two main reasons:

1) Guests having a negative experience provide harsh criticism in the moment

2) Guests only filling out the survey to receive an incentive like a free appetizer

3) Servers filling out surveys themselves in order to receive high marks

The low rate of submissions matched with inaccurate feedback makes it ineffective and difficult to distill actionable feedback.

Restaurants with Ziosk see up to 1200 survey responses per location, per month, a 20x improvement over traditional surveys due to guests being dropped directly into the survey after paying their check. The accuracy of the feedback tends to be much more accurate as the responses aren’t incentivized with coupons and with the Ziosk proprietary user experience, servers can’t fill out their own surveys.

Providing a more convenient and accurate way to submit feedback directly at the table gives restaurants the data and insights into their guests and their servers to better manage their business.

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