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March 26, 2021
A Proven Platform
Guest Retention

The simplest way for a restaurant to achieve more revenue is through a customer retention strategy that focuses on fostering loyalty and encouraging guests to come back more often. The National Restaurant Association claims repeat guests account for 64% of business in casual dining restaurants and a loyal customer spends up to 67% more than a new customer, according to a study from BIA/Kelsey.  So if you can grow that loyal customer base, you can grow your business.

Ziosk may be known for payments (in 2019 Ziosk processed 121.8 million payments, from 3,030 locations, totaling $10.2 billion.) But by integrating Pay At The Table with eClub and loyalty at the table, Ziosk can supercharge your existing programs and make them work harder for you.

By allowing guests to enroll, sign-in, and redeem rewards directly at the table, our customers have seen massive increases in their loyalty activity, and in turn frequency.

Don’t believe us? See the impact that we had on our network in 2019 below:

  • Loyalty registrations increased by 372% compared to pre-Ziosk
  • eClub registrations increased by 294% compared to pre-Ziosk
  • Loyalty sign-ins increased by 493% compared to pre-Ziosk

By offering enticing incentives to your guests that utilize your loyalty platform, and pairing it with the ease of accessing the program directly at the table on a Ziosk, you too can increase your restaurants return rate dramatically.

Thinking Ziosk could help take your guest retention to the next level? Request a demo.

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