How To Improve Restaurant Operations And Maximize Efficiency

July 23, 2021
Line Busting

Has surging traffic and a lack of staff made running your quick service restaurant more and more difficult? If you are thinking about how to improve restaurant operations, it might be time to introduce some technology to help with maximizing your restaurant’s operational efficiency. Whether it be self-ordering tabletop tablets, QR code menus, line busting server tablets, or a more robust online ordering system, technology can help your restaurant keep up with demand.

Self Ordering

If your restaurant is understaffed currently, then there are better things your employees can be doing than manually taking every order that comes in. Giving guests the ability to order and pay on their own allows your staff to focus on other parts of the business. Whether it be tablets on the the table, such as Ziosk Original, or QR menus that allow you to browse, order and pay, such as Virtual Ziosk, taking these steps of service off the shoulders of your staff can give them time back to make sure that your guests are having the best experience possible.

Line Busting

If your ordering or drive-thru lines continue to become more and more unmanageable, introducing server tablets, such as Ziosk Pro, to your restaurants arsenal can help you get through the lines quicker by allowing your employees to take orders and payment at any point in the line. This alleviates bottle necking at the POS and increases your restaurant’s overall throughput and efficiency.

Online Ordering

Tired of people who are waiting on online orders clogging up the front of your restaurant? Improve your overall online ordering process and this can be eliminated almost completely. Making sure that your restaurant has a robust online ordering system paired with an efficient in-store process allows you to get carryout diners in and out as soon as possible. By utilizing takeout app with a GPS component, lots of restaurants now have the ability to begin preparing food based on how close you are, which means the food is ready when they get there and they are either in and out in no time, or you bring it to them alleviating any crowding all together.

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