Reduce Restaurant Labor Costs With Ziosk’s Pay-At-The-Table Feature

January 29, 2021
Contactless Payment
Minimum wage
Pay at the Table

The minimum wage and cost of benefits are rising, but guests still expect and deserve exceptional service. How can you reduce the restaurant labor cost while delivering a positive guest experience to encourage patrons to return more often? The answer is technology. When applying technology to labor costs, it’s important to bring your attention to the steps of service.

What task requires the bulk of a server’s time with the least amount of guest interaction? Paying the check.

With the pay at the table functionality through the Ziosk platform, these steps are reduced by 73% – see the graphic below:

All of that wasted time, the back and forth to the POS, is eliminated and the server can reinvest that time with guests. A 4 table section can now become a 6 table station.  The server is making more in tips and operationally the restaurant is able to reduce the labor required to deliver great service.  It’s a win for the guest and a win for the restaurant.

Let’s do the math on how your restaurant can pocket more money with Ziosk on the table.

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