Why Pay At The Table Tablet Is The Holy Grail?

April 30, 2021
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“Pay at the Table” – you hear it from so many sources as a benefit of a restaurant technology. With a table tablet, customers can easily view their bill, split the check and even pay directly from the device. But all offerings are not created equal. If you look at a few key variables, you can maximize all the benefits that pay at the table can offer.

1. Pay at the Table vs. Pay On Demand

They sound similar, but they are very different.  Pay at the table means that there is some offering to pay at the table.  This could entail bringing a device over to the table to pay.  This method does provide security as the card doesn’t leave the guests’s sight; however, you are still relying on wait staff to bring the payment to the guest wasting valuable minutes that could be going into table turns.  Pay on Demand means the guest has access to payment whenever they choose.  Pay on Demand reduces the steps of service in payment by 70%; that’s the secret to maximizing time savings and front of house efficiency. And a bonus is that you can reduce labor too.

2. Security

Again, not all technology is created equal.  What is the security level of payments on the technology you are investing in?  Does it offer EMV, NFC, P2PE tokenization? You need to make sure the highest level of PCI compliance is part of your chose solution.

3. Card Not Present Transaction Fees

The last year we’ve seen QR codes everywhere, for menus, for ordering and for payment.  While it offers a contactless experience often at what seems to be cheap to free, the payment processing fees for QR code payment are categorized as a card not present transactions.  This means your payment processing fees will go up significantly.  Understanding all the costs is imperative when you are choosing a solution.

Ziosk addresses all of these concerns by providing a secure card present, pay on demand experience. Guests love it; over 85% of guests say Ziosk improved their experience.  And Ziosk’s pay on demand reduces steps of service, requires less labor, maximizes throughput and front of house efficiency ultimately making more money for your business.

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