Benefits Of Dining Technology With POS Integration

Why Ziosk:
Ziosk’s primary goal is to make your restaurant as efficient as possible. Our products offer POS integration to optimize front-of-house steps of service, recognize actionable data to improve operations, and today’s most pressing issue— maximizing the labor you have.
why-ziosk-group-of-people-at-table why-ziosk-group-of-people-at-table
Secure pay-at-the-table
Our established payment platform protects against payment and data breaches that can damage your brand and your wallet. With secure payment options such as EMV/NFC/P2PE processing 50 billion in transactions, you’ll save up to 10 minutes on table turns, seat more guests and make more profits. Plus ZIosk accepts gift cards, coupons, loyalty redemptions and more.
woman-with-phone-and-coffee woman-with-phone-and-coffee
Orders can be sent directly to the kitchen or bar when placed table side, saving your waitstaff precious time walking back and forth to the POS. Order on demand also prompts upsells and reorders which empowers guests to add onto their check in a frictionless way. Do you want to increase PPA while decreasing labor costs?
ordering-at-table ordering-at-table
Get more accurate data than you’ve ever had before through our customizable survey engine with a 25% completion rate. You’ll be able to reward your best servers and managers and coach the rest of your staff for optimal performance. Best of all, learn what your guests think - from overall satisfaction to specific items and verbatim feedback - in real time.
two-guys-talking two-guys-talking
Ziosk is the server’s assistant at the table for ordering, secure payment, guest feedback and more. Each server can handle 50% more tables by focusing them on high touch/high engagement interaction with guests and letting Ziosk handle the rest. What would your labor numbers look like if you could reduce by 2 people per shift?
waiter-holding-fries waiter-holding-fries
Ziosk collects touchpoint data, POS data and several sources of third party data and aggregates it into a predictive analytics engine utilizing artificial intelligence and machine learning. What if you had a tool to help you plan staffing and procurement for the days and weeks ahead?
clerk-predictive-analytics clerk-predictive-analytics
Every second counts in a restaurant, don’t waste any of them with our notification platform. When a check is paid, a table is cleared, or when a guest has a low score on a survey, the Notification System sends alerts directly to hosts, managers and servers so they can serve guest needs efficiently and expertly.
notification-system notification-system

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