Dining Guest Privacy Policies and Disclosures


Ziosk prioritizes consumer privacy and has an active and continuing role in protecting personally identifiable information (“PII”) and privacy rights of the guests of our customers.  Our current policies and practices dictate that we direct all contact with any guest to the customer brand with which they originally engaged.


Each engagement where a guest elects to provide PII data is considered by Ziosk as an inherent OPT-IN activity on each occasion of such occurrence.

California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA)


Under the CCPA, Ziosk acts as a service provider of companies that do business in California.

Ziosk does not sell PII data collected on behalf of our customers.


Where appropriate, Ziosk provides notice to guests of our customers within the Ziosk experience when PII is collected.  Such notice directs guest to this website.

Additional similar notices within the Ziosk experience may direct guests to the privacy polices of our customers.


Within the Ziosk experience, guests optionally and willfully elect to participate in various activities or programs which may involve the submission and collection of PII data.  Acting as a service provider, Ziosk may collect, store, act upon, process, or share PII data with our customers for the purpose of delivering our service.

In concert with above notices, the Ziosk experience allows for the possible collection of PII data (seen in the below table) in the following categories from the indicated sources.



CATEGORIES Email Receipt E-Club/Loyalty Satisfaction Surveys Promotional Offers
Email Address X X X X
Name   X X X
Birthday/Age   X X X
Address   X X X
Phone Number   X X X
E-Club/Loyalty Activity   X    
Survey Responses     X X
BUSINESS PURPOSE Send a copy of the transaction receipt to the guest’s email address. Allow guests to enroll and participate in a brand’s E-Club/Loyalty program. Provide guests a feedback mechanism to communicate opinions to the brand. Enable guests to participate in promotional offers apart from loyalty programs.



If you are a California consumer, the CCPA grants you specific rights regarding PII data companies hold about you.  Here is how Ziosk responds to requests to exercise those rights:

  1. Right to Know: Please contact the brand/company where you used a Ziosk.
  2. Right to Delete: First, understand Ziosk’s “OPT-IN” statement above.  Please contact the brand/company where you used a Ziosk.
  3. Right to Opt-out: Ziosk does not sell PII.  Otherwise, please contact the brand/company where you used a Ziosk.
  4. Right to Non-discrimination: Ziosk does not alter or adjust any of its services as a result of the exercise of the above rights by any guest.

You must exercise your CCPA rights separately with each brand/company where you optionally and willfully elected to provide PII data through the Ziosk experience.

Should you exercise any of the above rights with a specific brand/company, and then subsequently provide PII data through the Ziosk experience while located at that same brand/company, your willful election to again supply such data is considered a new OPT-IN activity by Ziosk.  Any such PII data supplied will not be subject to any previous exercise of CCPA rights.